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"You've really got to try this - Send A Free Digital Greeting Postcard to Someone You Care About...Spouse, significant other, long-lost friend, business buddy or favorite relation. This neat program delivers your personal message to any one you like, as often as you like. And it's all FREE!  Go ahead and give it try right now...I know you'll love it."

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We are proud to offer the most customizable greeting card system on the World Wide Web. You won't find any other service that offers so many features and options:

  • 500+ images for all occasions
    High quality photos and graphics. No small and simple clip arts.
  • Easy to use search engine to locate your favorite pictures
  • 100+ original music files
    We have originals only! Most other postcard sites break copyright rules!
  • 100 graphical backgrounds
  • 216 background colors (or use your own favorite color)
  • 216 text colors (or use your own favorite color)
  • Java animated pictures (Lake effect, snow effect)
  • Send any image or music on the Web
  • Send your own image or music
    You can send andy file on your computer!
  • Program available in many languages
  • Unlimited postcard preview and correction
  • Scheduled postcard delivery
    Create your card up to 3 months in advance.
  • No advertising on the actual postcard!
    You don't want us to put an ad on cards to your friends and family, right?
  • Send postcard to up to 10 recipients at once
  • Power users can add HTML tags to their postcard message
  • Customizable postcard notification
  • Notice of receipt (optional). We inform you when your card was picked up.
  • Program returns undeliverable postcards
    We inform you in case your postcard could not be delivered.
  • Fast and reliable
    Redundant postcard servers and Internet connections.


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