F&Q CashConnection.com

Q: I ordered your product but never received anything, Is this a SCAM?
A: No not a scam, But if you did order, you may have closed the PayPal window to fast, you were supposed to be redirected to a "Secret" page..
Since this is not the case for you. You will have to email the person you bought the program from. There info is on your PayPal receipt.

Q: Where is the manual? I like to read...
A: By overwhelming response the "Manual" has been turned into tutorial Step-By-Step Videos, Enjoy them.

Q: Can this really make me money?
A: Yes, its is build so that you can copy what I do and I do make money marketing this exact program.

Q: How many sales can I make a day?
A: How much time do you have to market? How Many places can you market?
This is a numbers game, the more people that see it the more people that will have a chance to buy it.

Q: Is this an automated software program that can spam CL for me?
A: Nope,. that was simple

Q; What if I don't sell one?
A: Then you have done something wrong! That's not my fault

More to come...