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"The tools you need to do business on the 'Net "

"If you're going to do business on the Internet, you need to know what tools work, and you need to keep up with what others are doing! Here are some useful software and web sites for you.."

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*Internet Resource Center...

Web Development Tools...You'll need these to build your web site:

  • As should be clear after reading our special report, you need to get a domain site, and Internet Matrix is the best place to get one. Start by Click Here
  • Download a copy of Microsoft’s Frontpage 2000 software program which makes it easy to design your web pages. If you can use a word processor, you can use this program. It's that simple. You can get Microsoft Frontpage 2000 at http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage
  • You need to get a scanner. Go to your local computer store or look in a catalog for one. You only need a basic scanner. I use EasyPhoto Smart Page by Storm Technology. You can check it out online at http://www.easyphoto.com
  • Turn every marketing communication you ever use -- brochure, sales letter, ad, post card, media kit, etc -- into profit-making "cash copy." Get more prospects and upgrade them into repeat buyers faster. Click here for details!
  • Your web site is finished, it's beautiful, and no one knows it. So you need to register it with Submit-It!, which registers your URL to the major search engines for free. http://www.submit-it.com
  • You need to get this Free Report: 15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Useful Web Sites

Favorite Web Sites

  • Cybrary of the Holocaust Study this site and you'll learn a lot about the Internet...and about history, art, politics, hate, love, etc. in the physical world as well.

  • C/Net Central - one of the top sites, lots of good information, product reviews, and trend analysis.

  • Ziff Davis - This site maintained by a major publisher of computer magazines and owner of the Comdex trade show has a lot of information about what consumers are buying.

  • Web100 - Top 100 Web Sites as ranked by PC Magazine. A good place to see some interesting sites.

  • Microsoft - like it or not, what they do, drives the industry. Check out their site daily to see what Billionaire Bill (Gates) is doing.

  • Social Security Estimator - Find out how much you'll pay in and how much you'll get with this handy program.

  • Library of Congress - You get the massive resources of this great library fully searchable.


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