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Charles L. Carboneau, CPA

...So, I designed a special Hot Opportunity Lead Generating program for you..."



"If you're doing network marketing or any other bus opp on or off the Net you're going to need a source of fresh prospect leads to sell your products or business opportunity to...!"


Lead Details


Here's what we're doing...

If you're doing network marketing or any
other business opportunity on or off
the 'Net you're going to need a source of
fresh prospect leads to sell your
products or business opportunity to...

So, I designed a special Hot Opportunity
Lead Generating Ad that was mailed out
to 100,000 people.

This ad is highly responsive! In fact,
I've received over 1000 leads that
I can't follow up on.It was one of my
best responses ever!

This ad advertises generic network
marketing opportunities and directs
prospects to leave their name, address
and phone and return the card for more
information about the business opportunity.

I've received about 1000 leads in the last
couple of days...and get more in every day!

I'll guarantee that you'll get 100 prospect
leads from this ad program. And, these
prospect leads will be fresh and looking for
a business opportunity.

But, we can only take a total of 10 people
for this program. And, I know from past
experiences that these spaces will fill
very quickly.

So, here's our Special Package...

For anyone who emails me your order by
today, here's what you'll get...

1. You'll get 100 hot prospect leads (names
addresses, phone numbers & email address)  of business opportunity seekers. We'll get them to you fast by e-mail. You should receive the leads
within a few days. ($250 value)

We won't make much money on this deal,
but you will. You'll get 100 hot prospect leads
to sell you bus opp to for the very special
price of only $50!

Best to call (260) 483-8202 NOW to reserve
your space, or complete the form below.

Complete charge is $50. (Allocated on a
first come basis reserved with credit card)

Questions? Call me! Any way you slice it,
these leads and will grow your business for

Hope to hear from you TODAY!!!

Charles L. Carboneau, CPA
President & CEO 
Now hosting over a Million visits
Doing business on-line since 1997
Phone: 260-483-8202

PS: This is the an outstanding deal
for 10 lucky people--I hope you take
advantage of it right now, before they're
all gone!


"We ordered your leads and made
sales right away!!! Wow, these
are the best leads we've ever
had! You have our endorsement" 
Ulrika Jensen, CEO

Note: :Leads go to one person only!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ORDER NOW $$$$$$$$$$$$


Yes, I'd like a share of the 100 lead co-op program. The special package cost
is only $50/share (you save over a $150 dollars!)

Check one box:

$50 U.S. for one share (100 leads)
$100 U.S. for two shares (200 leads)
$150 U.S. for three shares (300 leads)

Additional Comments:

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