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Charles L. Carboneau, CPA
President & CEO,
Hosting millions of visits
Doing business online since 1997


As webmaster at the incredibly popular http://www.cashconnection.com  Malls now hosting millions of annual visits, I'm in a position to see some of the best and worst programs on the net....

We've been running our own successful online business since 1997, selling over a million dollars worth of products and services... And, we've pulled together our team's 20 years of expertise and cutting edge tools to create a complete, user friendly system for you so you can start, run and maintain your own profitable online based business, whether you're a novice or and seasoned 'Net professional.

  Our eBay package makes it easy for you to start and maintain your own online business from your own home in your spare time... It includes web page creation, e-commerce, hosting, web site promotion and continuing education courses.

Here's our success system in a nutshell...

1. You must start with your own domain, hosted by a solid company. We researched many hosting companies and recommend only one--.

2. You need a professionally designed web site that keeps people at your site, ranks highly in search engines, makes you sales, monitors your traffic and offers visitors a free ezine. Our staff have years of experience.

3. You need to have multiply sources of traffic to your site. Without traffic you will not make a dime on the 'Net. There are hundreds of now cost and low cost ways for you to get traffic. We get over a million visits a year and we can show you how to do it, too. 

4. You need to build an opp-in subscribe newsletter list and send out regular offers and newsletters. We have over 24,000 subscribers to the Cashgram. This is where you'll make most of you online income. The right offers  and the proper layout will make the difference between your success and your failure.We have over 400 email letters that have sold over a million dollars in sales that you can use right now.

5. You need multiple income streams from multiple companies. I look at this like a diversified portfolio. You don't want all you eggs in one company, otherwise you're setting yourself up for failure. We represent over a hundred different companies and are top dealers for many of these. Why? Because we have huge traffic and the people coming through this site are looking for all kinds of products. We offer high quality products that really work.You can do the same. If you're new, you'll start with only a few and then add more as your traffic grows. If you're a seasoned Netprenuer, we have many products for you.

6.You need to continuing professional Internet education courses taught by individuals actually working an online business. The Internet is rapidly evolving and you need to stay up-to-date. We offer online training courses at Education Matrix as well as national conferences and Sunday conference calls.

7. You need to mentor with real people who are making real incomes on the 'Net. Our team has over 20 years of experience on the 'Net. We are real people excited about helping others. We offer boot camps, phone consultations and much more. For complete details and our free report, Click Here.

8. You need to make affiliations and joint ventures with other successful companies. This way you'll have a stronger base of income and your business will grow faster. We are always looking to work with you. If you have a joint venture proposal, click here.

*In short, we have a proven system for you...All you have to do is tap into it and you'll be able to cash in on the most exciting economic development of our time--The Internet. Are you ready to join us? You can order your Matrix Package right now. Click here Questions? You can call us right now at 260-483-8202. 

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