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International Copywriting Center

Put Our International Copywriting Center To Work For You Producing Your Profit-Making Marketing Communications...And Find Out How We Will Work Directly With Your Company To Sell More Products And Services Now!

We're ready to work with you -- right now! -- producing all your marketing communications, including

. space ads of any size
. sales letters
. brochures
. cover letters
. newsletters, etc.

We're also ready to "webvertize" your Internet Web site.

Here's what you need to know about us.

1) We produce client-centered copy. Our methods are based on the years of experience call (219) 483-8202 or e-mail for a quote.

2) We're fast. Turn-around in the copywriting center is fast, oftentimes within just days of receipt of your material. Just how fast we are is often a function of how quickly we receive your materials. The faster you get them to us in a form we can use, the faster we get your job done. Note: if we're exceptionally busy when you call, we'll let you know. We know you want your job as fast as possible. We're happy to oblige.

3) We're inexpensive. Copywriting prices are all over the map. We know. We pay attention to what people are charging. Whether a copywriter is expensive or not depends on the results you get. By that standard, our prices are low, indeed!

Here's how we work

1) Feel free to call at (219) 483-8202 to tell us about your job. We can usually give you an estimate right on the phone.

2) Fill out the enclosed questionnaire and give us the specifics of what you want, when you want it, your budget, etc. We'll give you candid advice about the best way to achieve your objective given your current resources. For fastest response, fax the questionnaire to us at (219) 482-3938 or e-mail

Note: the clearer you can be about what you want and your resources, the better we can help you.

3) If a job estimate is $1500 or less, the full amount is due when you place the assignment. If larger, 50% of the estimated cost of your job is due at the time you submit the materials we need. The remaining 50% is due upon your approval of the job.

Note: we try to make our estimates as precise as possible. However, jobs do change. We will keep you advised as necessary. We don't like nasty surprises; we know you don't, either!

4) If you are asking us to do a job where what we produce will be used by many other people (such as a brochure to be used by independent distributors), there may be a surcharge. We'll advise.

5) If you want to do a simple one-three page Web site, you may contact Our Customer Service Rep at (219) 483-8202 or e-mail 

6) We can output your job by either laser printer or on IBM-compatible diskette as required. We can also e-mail text to you.

7) If you need the services of a graphic designer (to produce camera-ready art, etc), we recommend the services of our colleague John Hamwey at (617) 575-9918.

Note: if you need proposal writing and other fund raising assistance for your nonprofit organization, we can also assist you. Again, just tell us what you want and we'll be happy to assist.

CashConnection's International Copywriting Center Job Questionnaire



Company name_____________________________



day ph __________eve ph ________ fax_________


Marketing communication you're looking for (please check all that apply)

/ / two page sales letter
/ / four page sales letter
/ / standard three fold brochure
/ / other brochure (please specify)
/ / four page newsletter
/ / full-page ad
/ / 1/4 page ad / / 1/8 page ad / / other size (specify)
/ / card deck card
/ / Web home page (please indicate number of pages)
/ / non-profit fund raising proposal
/ / other (please specify)

Your Budget

/ / Under $500
/ / $500-$999
/ / $1000-$2000
/ / $2,000-$5,000
/ / Over $5,000

Desired Completion Date

/ / within 14 days
/ / within thirty days
/ / next three months
/ / next six months

Any special circumstances we should be aware of?

Please either e-mail this questionnaire to us at OR fax (219) 482-3938 OR call (219) 483-8202. We will be happy to quote prices on the phone. No job is started until at least 50% of the agreed upon price is received along with applicable materials.